The Strategic Procurement department has engaged with Bunnings to establish a discounted pricing agreement and improved levels of services.

The new arrangement provides significant benefits including:
• a discount of between 5-10% on approximately 11,000 items across a wide variety of products store wide.
• Improved purchasing process through the use of a Bunnings ID card
• The convenience of purchasing goods at any Bunnings store nationwide
• Invoices forwarded directly to Accounts Payable for processing
• 30 day account payment process managed through Accounts Payable

• Eliminating the use of the University Purchasing Card at Bunnings
• Detailed spend reporting

How to setup a Bunnings Account and ID Card.

To take advantage of the agreed discounts and improved service levels, departments are required to set up a Bunnings Warehouse account and apply for, and obtain a Bunnings ID Card.

Departments and individuals are able to apply for a Bunnings ID Card, at any time once a departmental Bunnings Warehouse account is created.

Monthly purchasing limits apply to the department account and the appropriate level of approval is required prior to creating an account, or approving the issue of a Bunnings ID Card. It is important that those requesting a card and those approving a card read and understand the Bunnings ID Card terms and conditions  below, before approving the issue of a Bunnnings ID Card.  The Bunnings ID Card provides the card holder the ability and authority to make purchases at Bunnings Warehouse as required, with no further request for approval, similar to a credit card, therefore all care and consideration must be taken when approving the issue of a Bunnings ID Card.  For further details please refer to the Terms and Conditions below.

To create a Bunnings Warehouse Account and to apply for the Bunnings ID Card:

1. Complete Section A: Bunnings Account Setup Form to create an account for your department

2. Follow any particular instructions provided on the form.

3. Seek appropriate approval (Refer to page 2 of the application)

4. Customer ID Cards can be requested at, or after the time of account setup by completing Section B: Customer ID Card Application

NOTE: If an account already exists, do not complete Section A again.

5. Ensure the approval section is whether completing Section A, Section B, or both

6. Return completed form to:

• crrisk@bunnings.com.au

• and keep a copy of the form on file for reference

Upon receipt of application form, a Bunnings ID Card will be forwarded within 12 working days

Process of Purchasing

Once a card has been issued to the individual, the staff member is able to commence transacting with Bunnings Warehouse; no card activation process is required.

If specified on the account setup form, staff are able to go to any Bunnings Warehouse store nationwide and purchase goods throughout the store.

The Bunnings ID Card does not restrict purchases to the approximately 11,000 items which are discounted under the University agreement.  Staff are able to purchase any items available at a Bunnings Warehouse store.

When at the cash register, staff must present the Bunnings ID card. The Bunnings team member will request a “purchase order number”,  at this point staff must quote their “Department Code”, for the transaction to be approved and the discounts to be applied. 

An invoice will be issued, by the cashier, at the conclusion of the transaction as proof of purchase.  This is to be presented when exiting the store if requested by Bunnings Warehouse staff.

Bunnings Warehouse will issue a separate invoice to the university, referencing the dept code provided at time of purchase.  Invoices will be received centrally by Accounts Payable and processed through Themis, requesting approval from the department.

Purchasing Limits

Each individual University account is set a monthly transactional limit.  The account limit is set at the time the account is set up and the level is set by the approver.  Bunnings ID Cards issued against an account do not individual limits.

If an account has reached it’s monthly transactional limit, Bunnings will notify the account holder and confirm whether to increase the limit or limit further transactions.

If departments wish to amend their monthly transaction limits, they are required to recomplete the Section A: Bunnings Account Setup Form , and forward to Bunnings at the specified email address.

Managing your Bunnings ID Card

It is important to note that the approval and issue of the Bunnings ID Card is the authority to purchase, and if not managed appropriately could lead to misuse if the ID card is misplaced or stolen.  Departments are responsible for the payment of all transactions incurred against any cards issued to them.

Departments are recommended to keep a record of all cards that have been issued to them, and contact Bunnings Warehouse immediately on 1800 650 891 if a card is stolen or misplaced.  If a staff member is leaving the employment of the University and is issued a card, it is recommended the card be returned to the department prior to the conclusion of their employment and the ID card cancelled with Bunnings Warehouse.

Cancelling a Bunnings ID card

To cancel a Bunnings ID card complete the Customer ID Application Form indicating the card is Not Required, and return the form to Bunnings Warehouse via:

• Fax:(08) 9358 3361
• Email: accountidcards@bunnings.com.au


For further assistance please contact:

• Application or Management of Bunnings ID Cards

o Bunnings Warehouse – 1800 650 891

• General Account Queries

o Bunnings Warehouse on 03 8831 9688 or
o Strategic Procurement at purchasing-enquiries@unimelb.edu.au or 8344 9285

We appreciate your feedback

Whether good, bad, or indifferent, your feedback is important in assisting us to provide procurement solutions that meeting the University’s needs. Please take a few minutes to complete the Bunnings Warehouse Agreement Survey.

Bunnings ID Card Terms and Conditions

1. Subject to Credit Terms, if you do not present a corporate purchase order, you must use the ID Card when ordering the supply of Goods on credit from Bunnings.

2. If you are a corporation or comprise more than one person you may authorise Bunnings, if it agrees, to issue additional ID Cards by nominating an authorised user of each additional ID Card. Additional ID Card requests must be issued in writing.

3. Each ID Card must be signed by the authorised user of the ID Card immediately upon receiving it as a means of preventing fraudulent or unauthorised use of the ID Card.

4. You are liable for all transactions carried out by you using an ID Card or by a person carrying out a transaction by using an ID Card with your authority.

5. You are also liable for all transactions and other losses caused by unauthorised use of the ID Card unless:

(i) caused by the fraudulent or negligent conduct of Bunnings’ employees;
(ii) caused by a forged or faulty ID Card;
(iii) for use after you have reported to Bunnings, by giving notice under these terms and conditions, that the ID Card is being used without your authority or that it has been lost or stolen (unless you have, or the authorised user of the ID Card has, failed to sign it)

6. Bunnings may vary these terms and conditions from time to time by giving notice of the changed terms and conditions to you. Bunnings is not required to give advance notice of any changes it deems necessary for security reasons. If you use the ID Card after notification of changes that use is subject to those changes.

7. Each ID Card is the property of Bunnings and must be returned to Bunnings immediately on request. Report immediately any lost or stolen ID Cards by phoning 1800 650 891, 24 hours 7 days a week.

8. In these terms and conditions:

• “ID Card” means each ID card to be issued by Bunnings to you;
• “Bunnings” means Bunnings Group Limited ABN 26 008 672 179
• “Credit Terms” means the terms and conditions which apply to credit
• transactions between Bunnings and you;
• “Goods” means goods or services.